WolfePak + DocVue FAQ

Do you have questions regarding WolfePak’s latest acquisition? Are you wondering how it effects your relationship with either company? Please read the below frequently asked questions, if you need a printable copy feel free to download our FAQ document.

A: DocVue offers best of breed document management with a feature set that fulfills a need and adds functionality for WolfePak customers. With the addition of DocVue, WolfePak now provides an integrated suite of products that facilitates the complete, end-to-end management of digital information. Both companies foster a culture of innovation that prioritizes customer service, which will allow us to leverage the respective technologies to bring new solutions to market.

A: WolfePak has been providing software solutions to the Oil & Gas industry since 1986 with a focus on solving challenges, offering innovative solutions and providing great client service. As DocVue evaluated opportunities to continue to grow the DocVue business, the opportunity to merge with WolfePak offered a multitude of exciting new growth opportunities as well as very complimentary business values and culture.

A: Yes. WolfePak is committed to supporting all DocVue integrations with the same level of superior customer service DocVue customers have come to know, regardless of the ERP system customers operate.

A: Yes. DocVue will operate as a separate product division within WolfePak. We will continue to market and sell DocVue as an independent product line, including to customers that use oil and gas accounting packages other than WolfePak.

A: Yes. WolfePak will continue to support customers that run WolfePak Software with all competing document management systems as outlined in your maintenance agreement. Continued support requires that you are current on your WolfePak Software maintenance and have purchased the appropriate integration interface.

A: No. Your point of contact remains the same. You can contact DocVue support at 303-697-2050, ext. 1 or via email at helpdesk@docvue.com

A: Yes. WolfePak will have a special software and services packages for any WolfePak customers that wish to upgrade from the WolfePak Document Management to DocVue.
A: No. WolfePak and DocVue will continue to invest in both the enterprise version and hosted, cloud version of DocVue, providing customers two options with equal parity. WolfePak firmly believes it is the customer’s choice as to whether they run an on-premise or cloud solution.
A: WolfePak plans to aggressively invest in both the cloud and enterprise versions of DocVue. WolfePak will eventually replace its native Document Management tool with a DocVue package that offers a feature set suitable for an add-on module. Ultimately, combining our technologies will allow WolfePak to bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

A: Yes. We plan to provide a special program for any WolfePak ERP customers currently using a competing document management product that will allow them to migrate to DocVue if desired. Please contact sales@wolfepak.com or 325.677.1543, option 2.

A: No. WolfePak will continue to operate DocVue as a separate product division as a WolfePak company.

A: Starting November 18, 2019, all DocVue invoices should be remitted to WolfePak Software.

A: There are no near-term plans to change pricing for existing DocVue products. We will investigate providing a lighter version to compliment the native WolfePak document management solution.

A: You should continue to call DocVue for support at 303-697-2050, ext. 1 or via email at helpdesk@docvue.com.