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WolfePak Financial Reporting Course

For advanced users with prior WolfePak experience

WolfePak offers a financial reporting course on a quarterly basis at our Abilene, TX campus. The course is also available in our online learning portal. This is a specialized class for advanced users with prior WolfePak experience.

Financial Report Writing – Online and Classroom Options Available

Ready to do more than import and print financial reports? We’ll show you how to customize basis report definitions and implement group in your financials.

This is a hands-on class, covering the basic record types used and how to turn your blank screen into a customized balance sheet, income statement or spreadsheet reporting, formula calculation and budget set up. You’ll learn the advanced aspects of financial reporting design, including exporting reports in formats such as PDF and Excel, and how to use higher-level record types in more advanced reporting.

You’ll learn the advanced aspects of financial reporting design to add more impact to your financial reports. We’ll teach you how to create and print ratios, percentages and computations on statements, plus automatic summary level reporting for easier analysis.

Discover the power and flexibility of automated groups and how they dynamically change as your business changes. You’ll learn to put together custom groups for pumpers, selling of a group of wells, determining the most and least profitable, and more.

Please check the class schedule for dates and related costs. These classes have limited seating, so please submit a registration form to confirm your place in the class and before making travel arrangements. **NEW ** Financial reporting is now available as part of our online Learning Management System. Register for either option.

Prerequisites for this course: WolfePak Overview & Fundamentals (Basic Class) and prior working experience with WolfePak.

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