WolfePak Oil & Gas Document Automation

Managing the Documents that Drive Your Business

Oil and Gas Software that Automates Accounts Payable, AFE’s, Vendor Management and More

  • Increase operational efficiency and employee productivity, improve compliance and ensure business continuity
  • Eliminate data entry errors and improve efficiency with auto-populated fields, duplicate checks, intelligent coding suggestions and continually updates with ERP
  • Share documents, document history, workflow actions and bridged data with your auditors and users with point and click collaboration tools

Core Automation Features & Benefits

Intelligently capture and extract data from emails, networked drives and scanners
Automate and manage approvals with configurable workflows
Instant visibility to approval status and fully documented audit trails
Search and retrieve with powerful document repository
Secure control framework that provisions version and access control
Business intelligence tools for workflow and document analytics as well as ad-hoc reporting

Complete Data & Document Management for the Digital Oilfield

Finance & Accounting

Streamline your financial processes, achieve more payment discounts and eliminate error-prone data entry

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Transform manual or spreadsheet-based processes into digital workflows - AFEs, Contracts and more

Land Management

Digitally capture, store and manage critical Well, Lease and Contract documents

General Solutions

Improve your business processes (HR, Legal, IT) with our intelligent scan and workflow automation capabilities

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