WolfePak ERP Software for the Midstream

Midstream Oil & Gas Software for Buying, Selling, Transporting & Hauling Crude Oil

This midstream oil and gas software package is a comprehensive, integrated purchase system developed to support crude oil buying (first purchasers) that can integrate with various data capture technologies.

  • Manages the purchase, sale and distribution of oil production.
  • Performs allocations on purchases and values purchases with different pricing methods.
  • Accounts for transactions connected to pipelines and hauled transactions.
  • Handles the netting of tickets, multiple pricing options and different penalty scales.
Midstream Oil and Gas Software

Highlighted Modules for Midstream and First Purchasers:

Manage DOI, withholding, taxes, tracking division orders and other changes.

​Track all DOI changes and suspense-related calculations

Calculate/report state and federal backup withholding

Automatic severance tax calculation

Mass change utilities and correction utilities

Mass DOI changes for ownership transfer

User-defined suspense codes up to 99

Print division order letters for ownership changes

Handles netting of tickets, various pricing options & penalty scales

Netting of tickets, taking gravity, temperature and BS&W into consideration

Unlimited price & composite indexes, tier pricing, date-sensitive contracts

Run tickets capture loading & offloading measurement information, plus seal number

Quick and easy entry and retention of tank table information and “strapping” data

Easy access to summarized data and drill-down details

Full audit trails for creation/approval of entries

Real-time view of account balance trends grouped by account and/or cost center

Unlimited number of user-defined reporting groups

No system-required closing procedures at year end

Control range of dates open for posting by user level security

Additional Features:

  • System runs unlimited sets of books
  • Unlimited financial reporting groups at various levels
  • Consolidation and multi-company roll-ups available
  • Billing/hauling rates, driver commissions and sales statements
  • Lease-level & owner-level correction utilities for revenue and billing
  • Escheat of unclaimed property for all 50 states available
  • Multiple reports - cost of crude, regulatory and severance tax
  • Positive pay file to send to your bank for fraud prevention

Add-On Modules to Consider

Extend the functionality of WolfePak with various add-ons that automate and integrate multiple functions and processes.

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