PakEnergy LandPro

Integrated land, accounting, document management & lease payments

Lease Management & GIS Mapping Capabilities for PakEnergy ERP

A comprehensive land management system for tracking and recording critical land inventory details with GIS Mapping capabilities that integrates and overlays that data onto maps allowing for the accurate and efficient exchange of data between finance and land departments.

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and data silos
  • Grants immediate access to reports, maps, scanned documents & more
  • Generates over 280 reports – Acreage Inventories, Payment Obligation, Revenue Interest & more
  • Combined with PakEnergy ERP automates exchange of critical payment & contractual information
  • Tie multiple contracts and/owners to same land tract
  • Search reports by tract-based data
  • Scalable for unlimited number of tracts
  • Optional GIS integration 
Integrated document management
  • Proprietary link for retrieval of corresponding documents and direct scanning into system
  • Generates commonly used land documents with consistency, including lease offer and notice letters
  • Scans supporting documents
  • Signed contracts
  • JOAs
  • Title-curative documents
  • Correspondence
Integrates lease payments with accounting
  • Combine oil & check gas production revenue with land revenue to consolidate 1099 reporting
  • Request check payments from land system and send to accounts payable for processing (routes for approval before writing checks if you have the approval routing module)
  • Customize payment types
  • Automatic payment status tracking
Share data between land and accounting
  • Enter ownership/property data once for changes in all modules
  • Edit DOIs from all modules
Customized tracking of contractual obligations
  • Scalable for addition of necessary special provisions
  • Flexibility to manage any type of contract — leases, JOAs, options
  • Maintain in-depth, date-sensitive notes on land records
  • Right of ways
  • Oil & gas leases
  • Surface leases
  • Mineral acquisitions
Customized reporting
  • User-defined data elements included in reports
  • Create/retrieve reports from relational database
  • Create custom queries, save the format and update data when initiated
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