Joint Interest Billing

WolfePak gives you the power to manage thousands of holdings at the individual level, with different percentages, exemptions and summaries.

WolfePak Joint Interest Billing

Clear communications and detailed investor charges to support cash flow

Investor group constantly changing? You need a Joint Interest Billing module that accurately allocates costs to investors/owners for the generation of joint interest billings and related transactions.

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WolfePak gives you the power to manage thousands of holdings at the individual level, with different percentages, exemptions and summaries:

  • Print detailed charges for review, changing as need before printing owner invoices and finalizing billing
  • Run revenue and billings separate or together with multiple netting options
  • Multiple AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) netting options
  • Billing with one or more owners exempt from specific charge types
  • Billings with different overhead rates for different owner groups
  • Bill only the leases and/or items you’re ready to bill
  • Bill partial interest on non-operated properties
  • Print JIB statements and/or email them automatically on a per-owner basis
  • Statement summaries JIB charges by lease, expense type or prospect on a per-owner basis
  • Operator share of expenses booked automatically to proper GL accounts
  • Automatic addition of overhead and/or pumper charges to billings, using multiple criteria
  • Easy correction of coding errors on already-billed entries — wrong property, deck, AFE or account for any date range or other selection criteria (you can undo before you bill out if you find your corrections are wrong)
  • Print year-to-date billing summaries for investors by lease and expense type
  • Copy division of interest from one lease to another
  • Mass functions — copy, change, and delete, mass copy DOI, mass change ownerships, mass change suspense codes, mass delete
  • Produce multiple billings in one month without duplicate billing
  • Unlimited leases (assign up to 10-character alphanumeric code for billing properties)
  • Unlimited owners per lease
  • Unlimited number of date-sensitive decks for each lease
  • Payout reporting for participating or non-consent owners

AFE (Authorization for Expenditure

  • Enter AFE budgets and produce comparison reports for each lease
  • AFE payout reporting
  • Invoice each owner for their share of an AFE cash call and payment status report
  • Multiple AFEs available for different stages and projects
  • Set default AFEs for similar projects
  • Create AFE templates for similar projects
  • Import AFEs from excel spreadsheets
  • Apply prepayments automatically against actual billing

The control you need to bill owners as individuals instead of as part of a class.

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