Check Stub Entry

Fast, accurate entry and import of your revenue data

WolfePak Check Stub Entry

Fast, accurate entry and import of your revenue data

This unique WolfePak application streamlines the entry and import of your revenue data, including support for multiple import capabilities:

  • Electronic import of revenue information through spreadsheets or electronic data exchange (CDEX) via Oildex and/or PDS saves time
  • Missing Payments reporting tracks purchaser or operator payments to ensure receipt of all checks
  • Variance analysis report compares receipts property by property with prior month, prior year or any date range
  • See totals and variances of BBL/MCF (volume), price per unit and net revenue
  • Customize input screen for each purchaser or operator for quick, unique entry of revenue check detail
  • Cross-reference purchaser lease number and your lease number, purchaser product code and type of interest codes to WolfePak codes for fast, easy data entry
  • Entry process validates revenue to division order, reducing errors and ensuring payments with correct percentages
  • Electronic import of revenue and billing entries from other WolfePak users using WolfeNet, our proprietary data exchange, at no cost
  • Entries created automatically for you to send to revenue system to distribute or to your GL
  • Reconciliation report purchaser 1099s
  • Historical reporting isolated by lease, purchaser, product, production month, deposit date and/or any combination
  • Unlimited number of division orders per property
  • Check stub module can calculate both 100% and owner’s share
  • Track and account for unlimited number of product types
  • Allocations to facility or master meter

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The control, validation and reporting you need to track oil & gas revenues.

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