WolfePak Pumper

WolfePak Pumper is a mobile app that enables the real-time collection of oil and gas production and well data that seamlessly integrates with the WolfePak ERP system.

Automating the Capture of Pumper and Gauger Field Data

Eliminate Paper Gauge Sheets, Pumper Tickets and Duplicate Data Entry

WolfePak Pumper automates the collection and transfer of your field data providing the visibility engineering, supervisory and finance teams need. The app runs on the employee or contractor pumper’s mobile device to collect the oil and gas production field data for the leases and wells assigned to them through the Pumper Admin Console.

Validate or catch inaccuracies with real-time comparison of pumper reading and readings left by purchasers

Provides an intuitive interface for ticket data entry and additional information such as downtime, test data, well treatments and more for each tank

Automates scheduling based on the operators desired service schedule and displays the list of tanks associated with each lease

Accommodates all readings for oil, gas and water – BS&W, gravity, temperature

Automatically transmits pumper ticket data to WolfePak’s ERP Production Module with optional data export available

Automatic capture of Pumper and Gauger Field Data

Highlighted Features

Automatically syncs pumper data with WolfePak and master data to pumper

Eliminates hand-written tickets and duplicate data entry

Identifies and tracks overall changes in production

Configurable access to accommodate employee and contract pumpers or both

Reduces pumper supervision and administration time

Increases pumper capacity to handle additional wells and leases

See the value yourself, try Pumper plus the Production module free for six months – with no obligation to purchase

Additional Features

Mobile application – no software to install
Capture treatments, sellable oil, choke, SPM & production volume tolerance
Record production and dispositions for oil & water
Track meter readings, tank levels and capture notes
Report compressor volumes
Sync property data from WolfePak ERP master files


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WolfePak Pumper Data Sheet

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