DocVue Document Automation


Transform manual, paper, or spreadsheet-based processes through digital transformation and automation provided by DocVue’s Oil and Gas Operations Solutions. Gain improved back office insight into the spend, liabilities, and revenue occurring within the Operations side of the business. 

AFE Solution

Securely route, track, version, and archive AFE’s and related documents. Configurable workflows are built around internal business rules including AFE type, spending authority, and departments. Provide automated notification to various departments of approved AFEs. Real time analysis of invoices paid against the approved AFE. Read more.

Enterprise Contract Management Solution

Contracts and supporting documentation are published with key information extracted for easy analysis and reporting, for FASB ASC 842 Lease Standards requirements. Provides a single, secure location to allow for organization and analysis of leases. Read more.

Gas Plant Statements Solution

Supplement your DocVue land solution with additional data from your land data system. No need to re-key data into DocVue as new data (i.e. new wells drilled on a Eliminate time consuming data entry and speed up processing time by uploading Plant Statements that are fully OCR’d. Complete data extraction is exported to an Excel spreadsheet for easy upload into your ERP system. Read more.

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