DocVue Document Automation

Land Management

Digitally capture, store, and manage critical Well, Lease, and Contract documents in a centralized repository. Create a secure digital file room allowing anyone within the organization access to the necessary business critical documents directly from DocVue.

Land Management Solution

Paper and electronic documents are fully OCR’d, classified, and indexed making search and retrieve simple and intuitive. Manage every type of land record including Leases, ROW’s, Surface Agreements, Division Orders, Maps, Correspondence, Title Opinions, Well Data, Contracts, and Assignments. Eliminate the need to track paper files and provide electronic access to all land users any time, from any device. Reduce the need for large file rooms and allow employees more time for business-critical research and analysis. Read more.

Divestitures and Acquisitions

Increase value of divestitures by easily providing digital file room exports directly from DocVue. Client can leverage key data values to identify documents included in divestiture and build complete export package. When making acquisitions the documents and data from the source system can be incorporated into the clients existing DocVue environment so users continue to have access to all documents. Read more.

Land System Integration

Supplement your DocVue land solution with additional data from your land data system. No need to re-key data into DocVue as new data (i.e. new wells drilled on a lease, and the well number) can be automatically added to the DocVue data set. Configure the land or mapping system to automatically pull images from DocVue. Read more.

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