DocVue Document Automation

General Solutions

DocVue’s intelligent scan, workflow automation, and secure repository can improve compliance and increase operational efficiencies in any business process. 

HR, Legal and IT documents

DocVue is an enterprise wide application and can be used by any department to digitally capture, store and retrieve business critical documents. The DocVue security model allows for segregation of documents between departments or users within a department. Read more.

Electronic Document Migrations

Clients have existing electronic documents stored in different locations and systems throughout the organization. DocVue can be used to consolidate these segregated documents into a centralized and organized location and system available to the entire business. Read more.

SOX Audit Package Creation

The need for creating an audit trail and documentation in support of necessary audits can be a time consuming and tedious task. DocVue can provide a complete audit package containing date stamped user approval history, supporting index data, and a link to a copy of the image. This package can be delivered to an auditor and used completely outside of your internal environment. Read more.

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