Reporting & Analytics Kit

Use WolfePak Software to make actionable decisions

Automation allows oil and gas companies to thrive, not just survive. Reporting and analytics are the parts of automation that provide you the visibility needed to monitor and proactively address potential issues. WolfePak Analytics transforms valuable data stored in your WolfePak Oil & Gas ERP system into actionable information that enables faster, more intelligent and tactical business decisions. You can take control and enable this type of visibility within your organization with WolfePak Software tools.

To make it easier for you to learn and get started, we’ve assembled a shortlist of data sheets, top articles, webinars and case studies geared specifically toward using reporting and analytics in the oil and gas industry.

Included in this kit:

Data Sheets

  • Analytics: Next level reporting & analysis
  • Fixed asset reporting: Track depreciation & amortization


  • Oil & gas business automation: The move to digital processes
  • Easily create monthly production reports in WolfePak
  • Setting up AFE and AFE Reporting

Case Study

  • Ironwood implements WolfePak purpose-built oil and gas software solution
  • Streamlined Revenue & Billing, Advanced Reporting and More


  • Optimizing Efficiency for First Purchasers through WolfePak Analytics
  • Working with Groups for Financial Reporting

Reporting Analytics Kit