Preferred Service Providers

WolfePak Partners

WolfePak Software has developed a network of preferred partners that expand our ability to offer solutions to our growing customer base. These are official, contractual partners of WolfePak that have access to the entire suite of WolfePak Software, which allows them to deliver turn-key financial services to oil and gas operators, midstream producers, investors and service companies. Those services include using WolfePak Software to manage revenue distribution, accounts payable and receivable, financial reporting, data analysis and other accounting functions.


Baker Tilly, US LLP

Baker Tilly provides personnel, systems and processes to jump start a new or existing oil and gas back office. Our teams of experienced accounting and back office staff can manage a complete turnkey solution or provide depth and breadth for specific client needs. For over twenty years we have delivered personalized and dependable financial, operational, and bookkeeping services to the upstream energy market. Whether a private equity funded start up or family office, our customers span the breadth of the oil & gas business from operators to investors, trusts and brokers ranging across every active basin and state in the US.

We built our business on a foundation of industry experience. Our customers will tell you that we know their business. Our leadership team of professionals, most with at least 20 years of experience in oil and gas business processes, become part of our customer’s team, providing counsel and guidance for accurate and dependable results. For more info, please visit

Eddye Dreyer Financial Services

Eddye Dreyer Financial Services​

Founded in 1991, Eddye Dreyer Financial Services is a leading bookkeeping and finance consulting firm specializing in developing long-term advisory relationships across the oil and gas industry. Our growth is directly attributable to the word of mouth referrals we’ve engendered over nearly 30 years in the business working with E&P firms, private equity, and family offices.

Between our technical expertise and thorough understanding of the industry, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to serve as both strategists and tacticians, providing a full-service outsourced solution that adds value to our clients’ bottom line. For more information on the services we provide and the industry we serve, visit

Extex Division Order Services

Extex Division Order Services​


Since 1998, ExTex Division Order Services LLC has been supporting the back office administrative duties for 100’s of oil & gas property owners and purchasers. From truck tickets to 1099s we provide the back office support which allows operators and purchasers to focus on their core business. We are experts in handling the netting of crude tickets, pricing, monthly oil purchase statements, division order work, tax report/remitting and 1099s.

Our experienced professionals manage title, revenue distribution and reconciliation. We also manage state and federal tax reporting, issuance of 1099s, and critical filings of state and federal royalty reporting. When clients require ownership distribution, we set up and maintain all title and ownership transactions with the division of interest and all inquiries associated with legal requirements. For more information visit

Martindale Consultants, Inc.

Martindale Consultants, Inc.​

Started in 1982, Martindale Consultants, Inc. provides analysis and contract compliance review services to the oil and gas industry and has become known as “The” Oil and Gas Consulting Company. Utilizing our unmatched consulting background and in-depth industry experience, Martindale has expanded its services to provide customized back office support to fit the needs of our clients. Ranging from CFO / controller level perspective and responsibility, to receivables / payables functions and financial statement compilation, joint interest billings, revenue distribution, division order maintenance, regulatory filings, owner relations, or any need in-between, Martindale provides tailored solutions for each of our client’s back office needs.

At Martindale, we don’t just record numbers, we advise our clients on best practices and provide meaningful solutions that compliment our client’s core business. With our focus on customer experience, we become part of your company. From operators to private equity startups to non-operating interests, we are the back office solution. For details about the services we provide, please visit or call us at (405) 728-3003.