User Tip: Your “GoTo” – Owner Revenue Billing Summary


Easy Access to Pertinent Owner Information 

The Owner Revenue Billing Summary is your “go to” in the Owner Maintenance that recaps all pertinent information for a particular owner without having to switch between different screens and/or modules – saving you time and increasing efficiency. 

The summary allows you to generate different reports and view important information such as DOI (Division of Interest) lists and payment history. It also allows you to see AR balance, a summary of all suspense accounts and review any Tax ID issues. 

With this one screen – you can retrieve/review 12 different bits of information that will help you easily answer most questions owners generally ask and facilitate updating any owner changes. 

Touring the Owner Summary Tab

Follow along as we detail the different fields and areas that contain a gold-mine of information. In no time, you’ll be navigating with ease through Owner Maintenance using the Owner Revenue Billing Summary. 

First – you need to go to the Revenue/Billing Module, select Owners and then select the particular owner for whom you are searching. 

Owner Summary Tab

1.  Identify Any Tax ID Issues

At the top of the summary screen, if there is a tax ID concern such as an owner with the same tax ID as another owner, WolfePak will display a message alerting you to the issue. Clicking on the Duplicate Tax ID Report button found to the right of the summary screen generates more information and defaults to the current owner. If there is no duplicate tax ID, this button will not be available.

Identify Any Tax ID Issues

2. Easily See Information for the Last 2 Checks Written 

This provides information regarding the last two checks for this owner and their status as Outstanding, Cleared, or Voided. Also see the date, check number and amount. More payment history can be found by clicking on the Pmt/Billing History button located on the right side of the screen.

See Information for the Last 2 Checks Written

3.  Minimum Payment Amount, JIB Rules, Payment Delivery

Some owners do not want payment unless it meets a minimum threshold. In this part of the summary screen, you can easily see that minimum amount, whether or not you should net this owner’s payments, what form of payment and how they would like to receive their statements. All easily changed in appropriate tabs behind the summary screen. (See screenshot in Step 2)

4. Discover Accounts Receivables Balances for Specific Owners

This section shows the current balances for all defined AR accounts, including current suspense accounts. A detailed listing can be printed via the Suspense Maintenance button located on the right side of the Summary screen. (See screenshot in Step 2)

5. Easily Access DOIs for Editing 

The active DOI’s section alerts you to how many active DOI’s this owner can be found on and the Pay/Legal status listed on the DOI. For further information you can click on the DOI Edit/List button for a grid view of the active DOI’s.  Need more information? Double-click on any DOI in this grid to view the DOI in its entirety and edit if necessary.

Access DOIs for Editing

6. Change Log History “Last Owner Master Change:”

This section shows the recent changes made to the Owner Master, detailing the last person to change, the change date and time. For a more extensive change history, click on the View Change History button located at the top of the Owner Maintenance screen.

Change Log History "Last Owner Master Change:"

7. Petty Suspense Test Rule section

The last section at the bottom of the screen displays company settings that will affect owner netting and payments. These options are located in the Revenue/Billing Company Maintenance. (See screenshot in Step 6)

There are some additional buttons on the summary tab that give you a lot of detail without having to switch modules or screens.

Petty Suspense Test Rule section

8. Company DOI List

The Company DOI list is a grid view of the DOI’s a particular owner is a part of across multiple companies when you are licensed for WolfePak’s Consolidation module.

9. DOI Change Log

The DOI Change Log lists any changes made to a DOI for the particular owner.

10. Suspense Change Log

The Suspense Change log will detail suspense changes made for this particular owner. Sample of Suspense Change Log Report:

Suspense Change Log

11. Extra Owner Info and Division Orders

The Extra Owner Info and Division Orders are options that are available with the Division Order Process, an optional add-on module offered by WolfePak.

12. Print/Email

The Print/Email option allows you to view or email the Summary Screen information in a report format. Just click the print or email button within the report.

Print/email option

12-Round Knock Out 

That’s a powerful punch in just one small screen.  With all of this information easily accessible, you now have the ability to answer the majority of many owner’s questions without having to jump all around the system.  Now you can spend more time focusing on a different angle of your owner-operator relationships and zero in on profitability!