October 2020 Release Notes


October 2020 Release Notes

Includes updates on 1099 tax forms for 2020

Released Date: November 12

The October 2020 release of WolfePak Accounting/ERP is now available for download and installation.

The new 1099 tax forms for 2020 are included in this release. This year saw a significant number of changes to the 1099 forms, including the re-introduction of the 1099-NEC form.

The following table summarizes the new/updated 1099 forms included in this release along with their paper and e-filing deadline dates.

The October release also included some new features and enhancements to WolfePak’s Revenue/Billing and First Purchaser Modules. These changes are summarized in the attached “Release Highlights” table below.

You can download the complete release notes by clicking on Help -> About and then on the “Release Notes” button.

Release Highlights

Issue ModuleSummary
18674Revenue/BillingRevenue/Billing>Division of Interest>Utilities>Import from Excel: Added new Import Type option to mark Division of Interest Active/Inactive.
25799 UtilitiesUtilities> Global>User Level Security>List>Security Grid Views: The User Class is available on the grid and is able to be moved to the position in the grid that the user likes as well as be exported to Excel.
25876 First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Reports>State Reports>Michigan EQP 7102 Report: Prior period adjustments are now supported on the Michigan Oil Gatherers Monthly Report.
26721 First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Company Maintenance>First Purchaser tab>Advanced tab: New company option to capture Pricing at Property Level. This setting will allow multiple price base codes on one price contract. New menu item for Price Base Codes under Master file Maintenance.
26951First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Purchaser/Operator: Added new Purchaser Type for RunTicket is billed by Pipeline Statement. This will allow Pipeline Rates to Invoice Shippers.
26986First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Price Index: Added a new option to Use Trade Date for Average. This will calculate Trade Month Rolls using Daily Postings.
26991First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Company Maintenance: Added new option to Enable Distribution based on Offload. This will allow you to use the Offload Volumes on Run Statements and Revenue Distribution.
26999Revenue/BillingRevenue/Billing>Owner Maintenance>Utilities>Import from Excel: Added field for Pay Statutory Interest (Y/N) on the Owner Import Template.
27167First Purchaser by StateFirst Purchaser>Daily Run Ticket Maintenance: If using the new company option for Distributions based on Offload, the Offload volumes will replace the Gross and Net Ticket Volumes if the load property or the run ticket is marked to do so. The original Load Volumes will be retained in new fields called Est Tkt Bbls (Gross) and Tkt Bbls (Net).
28492Revenue/BillingRevenue/Billing>Reports>State/Fed Reports>Wyoming MR10 Report: Since Wyoming requires the responsible payor to report zeroes, the MR10 report will now bring in zero values for properties that are active and have DOI Ext Info populated, regardless of production.

For a printable version of the table above, please download this PDF.

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