Missed Abilene? Join us in Dallas!


Fun was had by many WolfePak Users last week at the Abilene UC. Despite the heat – it is after all September in Texas – attendees and staff survived and maybe even learned a little.

  • Attendees learned about new and exciting innovations for WolfePak Software in our latest Fall Release.
  • We all enjoyed mingling with customers during our Customer Appreciation Reception. Great food and drink were enjoyed on a nice Abilene Texas evening.
  • All were enthralled with our new Pipeline Reconciliation module. For real. Reconciling that cumbersome statement by just dealing with exceptions? Amazing.
  • Plus, users got to see some nifty new features available in Invoicing and Service Ticket.
  • Another time saver that debuted – the Automated Accruals for Income & Expenses. Bye-bye spreadsheets and fragile formulas!

Here’s a little video montage – slide show highlighting some of the efforts in Abilene:


There’s still time to join us in Dallas! Registration ends on Sept 25th for Dallas UC. Don’t miss out! Need a reason to join us? Check out these 5 Reasons.

In the end, the WolfePak Fall Release and theme of the conference focuses on automation and integration. What can WolfePak help you as an automated process, so you can tackle more strategic initiatives. Or maybe, even just go home before 7:00 pm. (Maybe).

Seriously – come see us in Dallas to learn what new features and even some improved functions in the Fall Release can make your life a little easier. Plus, learn what is in store for the WolfePak product road map.

For more information and/or to register, please visit go.wolfepak.com/2019uc