Did You Know we Offer Online Training for Analytics & Invoicing


The WolfePak Software training team is hard at work developing curriculum to modules that allow our users to train on their own time and in their own environment. 

Training for our Analytics & Invoicing modules were previously only available in custom training sessions. Now, users with access to the online learning portal for WolfePak have the ability to train on these modules with these two new courses.

Prior to taking these courses, you definitely want to make sure you understand the basics of WolfePak by completing the standard basic training modules.

Training for the Analytics Module

The Analytics course is an Advanced course that requires a thorough understanding of WolfePak as well as proficiency with Excel. If you live for pivot tables (and who doesn’t?), formulas, lookups – this is the tool for you! Our Analytics Module allows you to manipulate your WolfePak data in thousands of different ways – even across companies.

Analytics module

This modules provides you:

  • In-depth explanation on features and functions
  • A practice company to add to your WolfePak license
  • Initial templates for use in hands-on practice
  • Complete instructions for hands-on learning

Training for the Invoice Module

This course teaches you the basics of invoicing withing WolfePak. Our General Invoicing Module gives you the ability to your inventory management, purchase orders and invoicing processes with your accounting and joint interest billing. We recommend completing this course after finishing the core modules training.

general invoicing module

With this course you will learn:

  • Basics of setup for the Invoicing Module
  • Process of entering invoices
  • Setup for purchase order and inventory
  • Hands-on exercise for tracking inventory complete with purchase orders
  • Available reports and utilities for troubleshooting

Find out more:

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Stay tuned for more options in the online teaching portal! Our trainers are constantly developing and adapting material for various modules.