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Training FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about our user's classes.

These classes are held on a quarterly basis and are made available at our Abilene Campus. The Financial Report Writing Class is a specialized class for advanced users with prior WolfePak experience.

Please check the class schedule for dates and related costs. These classes have limited seating, so please submit a registration form to confirm your place in the class and before making travel arrangements.

Supplemental Class Descriptions

Financial Report Writing Class:

Go beyond how to import and print financial reports, learn how to setup basic report definitions from scratch and how to implement groups in your financials.  This hands-on design class will teach the basic record types used and how to turn a blank canvas into a custom designed Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Spreadsheet Report.

Learn the more advanced features of financial reporting design with an emphasis on spreadsheet reporting, calculating formulas and setting up budgets.  Learn how to export reports in various formats including PDF and Excel.  Learn the higher level record types and how they are used in more advanced reporting needs.

Prerequisite: WolfePak Overview & Fundamentals (Basic Class) and/or Prior WolfePak Working Experience

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