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Wood Energy

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Historical Data Transfer Service Sold Illinois Operator on WolfePak

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Almost 1,000 miles separates them, but Wood Energy, Inc. out of Mount Vernon, Ill. and WolfePak Software in Abilene, Texas have made a great match.

Wood Energy is an oil and gas operating company that operates close to 500 wells and has been active in the industry for 30 years. Julie Stover, Wood Energy's staff accountant, began looking for a new accounting software system to better fit the company's needs. In 2010, Stover helped Wood Energy select WolfePak.

Stover was skeptical that all of Wood Energy's historical data could be transferred to WP. Not only did WP accomplish the task of transference, but also the custom oil and gas software company actually achieved the switch remotely.

"I just didn't think it would be possible. But, WolfePak converted all the data, which made switching a lot easier," said Stover.

After converting the data to the software in-house, WolfePak was able to transfer all the information back to WE.

"WolfePak did all the work, I didn't do anything," she said.

WolfePak sent out an on-site training technician for several days to help the implementation process and trained the staff on the best practices for use of WolfePak for WE's unique business environment.

A few months later Stover said the staff at Wood Energy is still learning and discovering new features. In addition, when she has needed support from WolfePak, she said she was pleased with the response timing and the knowledge of the staff.

"They really know the oil and gas business," Stover said.

WolfePak Software strives to be a software system that anticipates the needs of the growing oil and gas industry while gauging the needs of the changing business environment.

Stover said another advantage of WolfePak is the ongoing training the company provides.

WolfePak offers consistent training opportunities with monthly and quarterly courses held on site in Abilene, annual user's conferences held in four different cities, and on-location follow-up training.

After the initial conversion and implementation process, the constant training opportunities coupled with knowledgeable tech support help companies like Wood Energy hit the ground running with the WolfePak Software.