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Moon Royalty

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Oklahoma City Company Elects WolfePak to Help with Growth Process

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Change in life can be hard. Transitions and conversions can shake you out of your comfort zone. For oil and gas companies, when it's time to switch to a more powerful accounting software the thought of switching systems can be overwhelming.

When Moon Royalty - an oil and gas royalty company out of Oklahoma City - needed to make a change to a more expansive software to keep up with its business growth, it was pleasantly surprised by WolfePak Software's ability to ease the tension.

Moon Royalty handles 300 revenue checks per month and had initial concerns about an inevitable change in accounting software. However, Ruthie Burba, Moon Royalty's staff accountant, said WolfePak put those worries to bed.

"The conversion was very smooth and timely," she said. "We wanted to do the conversion in two phases: first converting the well and purchaser data, and second converting the historical data of the company."

WolfePak was able to meet the two-phase request and produce converted data within a week of each starting phase.

After the conversion process Moon Royalty needed to be educated further in the WolfePak software. She attended a new user's course and received additional training through an online training call.

"I love that WolfePak's tech support can come into my computer to show me exactly what to do," said Burba.

WolfePak tech support has the ability to assist its clients during tech support calls by accessing computers remotely.

Three months after the switch for Burba and Moon Royalty, she said that the detailed and flexible reporting features, vendor inactivation options in accounts payable, and the bank reconciliation module have all made WolfePak a positive change for Moon Royalty.

"WolfePak is very user friendly. I only wish we would have converted sooner," Burba said.

WolfePak Software specializes in conversion and implementation as well as training to get new clients immersed in its highly serviceable accounting software for the oil and gas industry.