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Gene Powell

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East Texas Investor Upgrades Accounting Software with WolfePak

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The Y2K scare was prevalent in causing worry for several financial institutions at the turn of the century. The rollover from "99" to "00" in the two-digit year entry formats had computer programmers scrambling to help prevent companies from losing precious data. Upon reflection, the significance of the problem may have been overstated, but one oil and gas investor company did run into a similar problem; only it was 11 years later.

When Gene Powell Investments tried to enter data into their DOS-based accounting software beginning in 2011, all entries had become unsuccessful. The software was so dated that it was no longer supported leaving Brenda Oakley, GPI's bookkeeper, to find another solution.

After a referral from a colleague, Oakley reached out to WolfePak Software who came to the rescue. WolfePak Software touts an effective conversion and implementation service, and Gene Powell Investments needed delivery on that promise.

Oakley and GPI got just that. WolfePak began converting the company's DOS data in January of 2011 moving more than 2,000 owners of nine different leases to the WolfePak software in just days. In addition, an on-site technician visited GPI to install the software and train the staff on its use. From the beginning of the conversion process to the first revenue distribution in WolfePak for GPI took only eight days.

While the major problem had been solved, Oakley also said she was delighted to find more timesaving features within the WP software. Her revenue distribution cycle - which had previously taken two workdays – was reduced to an hour. She also found the ability to have efficient tech support that could aid her problems remotely and over the phone. In the past she had to back up data and ship to the DOS software's support staff and then wait for its repair and return.

"I'm so glad our software would not let us go past 2010," Oakley said. "I cannot tell you how much I love WolfePak. Switching was the best thing we ever did."

While WolfePak's conversion process with Gene Powell Investments may not be typical, the custom software company has helped over 2,500 companies switch from dozens of different accounting software programs. Some switches may be as common as moving from QuickBooks, while WolfePak has helped others like GPI switch from programs operating in both Windows and DOS that are no longer supported.

When it comes to easing the pain of transitions to a new oil and gas accounting software, no one does it better or more efficient than WolfePak.