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Aruba Petroleum

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Dallas Operator Takes Advantage of WolfePak's Conversion Service to Ease Transition

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Aruba Petroleum Incorporated is a full-service operating company with more than 20 years of experience. Based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Plano, Texas, the independent crude oil & natural gas exploration and production company operates more than 100 wells.

Aruba PetroleumIn the spring of 2009, the company explored different options to transition to a more serviceable oil and gas accounting software system. Tammy Cangelose, Aruba's director of financial reporting, selected WolfePak Software.

Her initial assumption was that Aruba would spend three to four months converting the company's previous data to WolfePak. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the conversion and implementation process was significantly more efficient.

Within weeks the WolfePak team had Aruba up and running, and the company sent for WolfePak's on-site technicians to further ease the transition.

"I would highly recommend on-site training because every company has its own set of quirks," said Cangelose.

Along with installation and providing assistance in setting up Aruba's companies in the new software, the WolfePak technicians helped train the staff on how to use the software - even walking the group through its first revenue and billing cycle.

"After the distribution run, we were like ducks to water - off and running," she said. "WolfePak Software is logical; it makes progressive sense."

Three years after the initial installation, in 2012 Cangelose reflected on Aruba's positive transition to WolfePak.

"All of the tech support people are pretty fabulous. And, because the software makes logical sense, we can understand the reports and statements that we see," she said.

From conversion and implementation to maintenance and support, WolfePak Software can get your company immersed in its full-service oil and gas accounting software.