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WolfePak is proud to serve thousands of clients across the U.S. and internationally. We take pride in our products and services and would like to share of examples of our clients' appreciation of WolfePak as well.

Historical Data Transfer Service Sold Illinois Operator on WolfePak

Almost 1,000 miles separates them, but Wood Energy, Inc. out of Mount Vernon, Ill. and WolfePak Software in Abilene, Texas have made a great match.

Wood Energy is an oil and gas operating company that operates close to 500 wells and has been active in the industry for 30 years. Julie Stover, Wood Energy's staff accountant, began looking for a new accounting software system to better fit the company's needs. In 2010, Stover helped Wood Energy select WolfePak.

Oklahoma City Company Elects WolfePak to Help with Growth Process

Change in life can be hard. Transitions and conversions can shake you out of your comfort zone. For oil and gas companies, when it's time to switch to a more powerful accounting software the thought of switching systems can be overwhelming. 

When Moon Royalty - an oil and gas royalty company out of Oklahoma City - needed to make a change to a more expansive software to keep up with its business growth, it was pleasantly surprised by WolfePak Software's ability to ease the tension.

Dallas Operator Takes Advantage of WolfePak's Conversion Service to Ease Transition

Aruba Petroleum Incorporated is a full-service operating company with more than 20 years of experience. Based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Plano, Texas, the independent crude oil & natural gas exploration and production company operates more than 100 wells.

Aruba PetroleumIn the spring of 2009, the company explored different options to transition to a more serviceable oil and gas accounting software system. Tammy Cangelose, Aruba's director of financial reporting, selected WolfePak Software.

East Texas Investor Upgrades Accounting Software with WolfePak

The Y2K scare was prevalent in causing worry for several financial institutions at the turn of the century. The rollover from "99" to "00" in the two-digit year entry formats had computer programmers scrambling to help prevent companies from losing precious data. Upon reflection, the significance of the problem may have been overstated, but one oil and gas investor company did run into a similar problem; only it was 11 years later.

Dallas Operator Improves Investor Communication with WolfePak Web Platform.

It was exciting from a working interest/investor standpoint to see that WolfePak and Connect offer the investor web interface option.   Being working interest owners ourselves, this level of transparency was really cool. It seemed like a great way to give our investors more information than other oil companies may be willing or able to provide. A great way for us to stand out amongst our people. The fact that Connect, interfaces with Wolfepak makes this really efficient from a time standpoint since we can just import each day. I do the updates and it takes me roughly 3 minutes each morning, for all the wells at once.