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WolfePak Hosting

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WolfePak Hosting is a service provided by WolfePak which offers a physical location for the storage of your (already purchased) WolfePak Software.  If you don't want to maintain a server or have an IT person employed or contracted, hosting may be the solution for you.   Your current agreement with WolfePak including annual support and maintenance, technical support, etc does not change.  WolfePak hosts the software on our server and you log in and utilize WolfePak as you normally would if it was loaded internally.  The server is backed up nightly and an offsite back up is kept as well.   The server is unavailable on Sunday mornings from 7-12 cst for routine maintenance and your software is being updated so you are always on the latest version of the software.

Managing and implementing both the software and hardware components
Network issues such as redundancy, data backup and disaster recovery planning
Upgrading the software automatically for customers on a regular schedule.

Benefits of Hosting.....

Ease of use
Accessibility giving you the ability to log in from anywhere you have internet access and your WolfePak icon

Simply put, hosted software can save a company the headaches of ongoing maintenance, time and money in IT support and equipment costs.....