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Wolfepak Cloud (SaaS)

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WolfePak customers have the option to access the software and its capabilities remotely through Cloud Computing, also known as WolfePak's version of Software as a Service (SaaS). All the power and functionality of WolfePak is available in a cost effective, hosted environment. SaaS is a packaged accounting solution including all software, hosting, implementation and standard new-user training. In addition, SaaS customers receive the benefit of ongoing systems maintenance and support that allows your company to control costs and efficiently manage business to maximize return.

By taking advantage of SaaS, businesses can reduce operational and IT costs by leaving the software maintenance to WolfePak. Using SaaS also means that clients will not have to install the software on company computers, which simplifies maintenance and support. In addition, all WolfePak Software updates will be automatically updated and ready for immediate use once enhancements are made.

SaaS can be beneficial to all types of companies, but a particular advantage would be companies that have users in various locations that need access to view or input data. Or, startup companies needing to minimize initial costs can benefit by saving on hardware and software package costs.

More Features of the WolfePak's (SaaS)

WolfePak is a single, integrated, and easy to use hosted application that allows companies to manage their wells, owners, leases, investments and service-related businesses efficiently and conveniently.

WolfePak's SaaS is a cost-effective solution to system ownership and easily maintained for companies of all sizes.

Companies continually face the risk of system crashes and resulting loss of critical data. With WolfePak Online, we remove that risk and manage: