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Advanced Land

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WolfePak's Advanced Land module is fully integrated with the Land Management system and gives you the ability to display thousands of individual shapes files or quickly narrow your view based on data field elements.

Fully integrated, so your maps are always up to date with the latest information.  You have the ability to add 3rd party layers, such as ESRII Shape Files.  The module is easy to use and gives you free form drawing using satellite imaging.

Snap Drawing: Snap to an existing or third party layer shape geometry such as a Tax parcel.

Constraint Drawing: enter distance and angle and watch your tracts take shape.

Input Latitude and Longitude values for ultimate precision.

Reporting: using the same reports you are familiar with, you can now generate a refined detailed map to accompany your reporting data.


Quickly generate commonly used land documents with consistency such as Lease Offer Letters, notice letters, and more.


Quickly link an instrument to any number of contracts, and/or tracts.

Build a searchable, reportable database of instruments, which allows you to quickly find the instrument you are looking for.

Combined with the WolfePak Scanning Module the actual image of the instrument is only a click away.