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Consolidated Financials

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The optional WolfePak Consolidation Module will automatically roll one or more other companies into a consolidated company. An unlimited number of different combinations of roll-ups can be defined. Companies can be consolidated at the 100% or other percentage basis. Accounts can be rerouted or reclassified into a different account in the consolidated company. Full range of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting is available to the consolidated company. Reporting can be broken down between the various companies that feed into the consolidated company.


The optional WolfePak Combine Module offers all the same features the Consolidation does, but instead of rolling-up each company into a company total in the consolidated company, the Combine rolls-up the numbers at the individual cost center level. This enables reporting and cost center roll-ups of similar cost centers together. For example, if you had 3 sets of books and between the 3 sets of books, they had either working or Royalty interest in a group of leases, then Combine could be used to produce financial statements that combined all 3 sets of interests together into one unified financial statement (for each property and/or user defined roll-up [financial group] of leases.)