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TouchStar Import

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TouchStar's CrudePac in-cab computing software seamlessly links crude gathering and hauling fleets with oil company or collection contractor accounting, planning and dispatch systems. It automates transactions in real-time, eliminating historical manual and paper based administrative processes. Drivers use intrinsically safe touch screen computers connected to high resolution printers, wireless communication and vehicle tracking systems, resulting in empowered tanker drivers and a sophisticated management infrastructure.

Run tickets can be printed and left on site and signatures and captured electronically, providing proof of delivery, consensus of volume and accurate transaction details.

Modules for DOT login, dynamic status reporting and fatigue management are available within CrudePac.

The TouchStar interface is an add-on to First Purchaser. WolfePak is the system of record and automatically syncs up the TouchStar master files such as properties/stations, tank/meters, tank strappings and purchasers/operators. Data is validated and then automatically imported from TouchStar to WolfePak. The interface will also mark TouchStar's tickets as imported so they will not be imported again.

Official TouchStar Website