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Accounts Receivable

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Deposit Entry

Deposit Entry is a fast and easy way to enter cash deposits. These deposits may be from customers who are paying on their account or any other type of cash received that needs to be deposited in the bank. A deposit can be entered, a deposit listing printed, and a general ledger update performed, all from one menu. There is no need to enter debits or credits to individual accounts - the program itself handles the entries.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (A/R) is an optional module within WolfePak. A/R, essentially, allows you to track who owes you, what they owe, why they owe it and when they owe it. WolfePak's A/R module allows you to track this information by customer, as well as, print reports (such as statements, Aged A/R Trial balance, etc.) A/R is extensively integrated into the general ledger, which optimizes efficiency and eliminates duplicate entries.