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System & Utilities

What is WolfePak’s file structure?

WolfePak uses an embedded and fully bundled Sybase (an SAP company) Advantage Database System (ADS) in a client-server environment that ensures your data stays safe and secure, gives the system a very high degree of reliability, and helps WolfePak provide a very high level of scalability.

What database does WolfePak utilize?

Advantage Database System (ADS) - The database is automatically setup by WolfePak to be self tuning and self configuring and requires no maintenance by the user or the IT department other than the initial install.

Is WolfePak compatible with Macs?

WolfePak has several users running on Macintosh computers using Windows emulation.

What versions of Windows do you support?

WolfePak uses standard Windows protocols. Supported versions are Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Does WolfePak perform backups?

WolfePak has a one-step backup function that backs up the system to a designated location. A scheduled server backup or an off-site backup is always recommended.