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Revenue / Billing

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Revenue Billing

Can you net revenue checks?

Yes. There are multiple options to set up each individual owner that best suits their needs.

How many properties can I have?

Unlimited properties

How many DOIs per well can I have?

Unlimited DOIs per well

Can I track my AFEs in WolfePak?

Yes, AFEs are entered through revenue/billing. Expenses are applied to them giving the ability to track them by running AFE Comparison reports and AFE Prepayments vs. Unbilled reports.

Can WolfePak import revenue data?

Yes, WolfePak interfaces with PDS & Oildex, through CDEX to simplify your Check Stub entry or it can be brought over through CSV files.

Do you have state backup withholding?

Yes, we have Oklahoma backup withholding as well as the additional states that require it.