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Audit / Security

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Audit & Security

What kind of security do you offer?

WolfePak goes well beyond typical database level security options and has extensive security features to protect your data from unauthorized use. Security can be setup on a user by user, company by company, screen by screen, then level of functionality within that screen basis allowing the ultimate in flexibility and control. Going even beyond that, there is also the ability to restrict access and/or changes to specified journals and/or account numbers.

Is the system SOX Compliant?

WolfePak Software is Sarbanes Oxley compliant and keeps a change log for security and auditing purposes. Individual records are marked with both the creation date/time/user and the last change date/time/user. Posting to the GL is controlled and logged. Multiple posting allowed date ranges can be defined for different groups of users.

How are changes to data logged in the system?

All changes to master files are automatically and silently logged in an internal change log database. In addition to physical changes to the files, key processing events or actions are also logged. Built in audit features allow managers the ability to review suspicious activity at the touch of a button on a regular basis.