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Systems WolfePak has performed upgrades or acquired acquisition data from:

Artesia (CGI)

Since 1986, WolfePak has helped over 2,500 companies load their critical financial data into the WolfePak system.

We have successfully interpreted existing financial data from all of the mainstream oil & gas accounting software applications, a multitude of legacy systems, systems that are not even supported any longer (both Windows and DOS), as well as many non-oil and gas accounting applications like QuickBooks.

Planning for implementation and data conversion is scheduled by the WolfePak Technical Support Department Manager and a representative from your company. A customized conversion and training plan is put together by one of our  highly experienced Oil and Gas accountants that addresses your specific conversion and training requirements and the level of expertise that you have.

The WolfePak conversion team has years of accounting experience working with all the various types of accounting records and are experts in all the underlying accounting principles.  We leverage that expertise thus lowering your costs (we only charge for our time) with specialized software tools and a fast computer that greatly reduces the time and effort required to upgrade your existing system.  This provides you with the ability to produce a wide variety of financial reports with your new system and by focusing only on one system, it lowers your training costs and enables you to before more productive with the system.

It isn’t unusual for us to identify and correct problems that you might not realize you have.  WolfePak will assesses the current state of the data in your organization or in a particular functional area and creates a feasible plan to get the data cleansed and to ensure data quality is not sacrificed in the conversion process.

The WolfePak team is a great resource for both upgrading an entire company’s accounting to WolfePak and integrating a small or significant acquisition into your existing records.  Our team’s years of experience and thousands of sets of books enables us to identify and correct issues before they become problems!