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It is hard to imagine life without personal computers in today's business world. But, it wasn't long ago that people were trying to determine the value of the desktop computer in the work place. Charles L. Wolfe was one of the many that envisioned the potential value of PC's for the business industry.

Wolfe is a CPA in the oil and gas industry with auditing experience at Halliburton. He also served as a controller for Russell Petroleum and was a Financial Systems Manager for Pride Refining, Inc. Coupled with that valuable experience in the oil and gas industry along with degrees in Accounting & Computer Systems (BBA) and Business Administration (MBA), Wolfe understood the challenges faced by other oil and gas accountants who needed a user-friendly accounting software for their business. Thus WolfePak Software was founded in 1986 to address these specific needs of the industry.

WolfePak Software still today continues to meet the ever growing and vast array of needs for operators, first purchasers, investors, service companies and many other various industries.

WolfePak is the most widely used oil and gas accounting solution available, and the Abilene, Texas-based company has performed more than 2,800 installations!

The company's 30-plus employees are dedicated to providing a stable, scalable and savvy product. This is achieved through a specialized conversion and implementation service, a variety of on-going training options, knowledgeable technical support, and a commitment to adapting to changing technology and industry standards.

WolfePak boasts a broad base of clients from start-up companies drilling its first wells to operators that have millions of wells and acquire properties on a regular basis. The features and pricing for both ends of the spectrum and every company in between are scalable and designed to grow with your progress, whether you have one user accessing and entering data or 1,000. WolfePak's conversion team is also there for companies when merging new leases with existing properties, and the software's flexible financial reporting provides unlimited financial reporting groups at various levels for your organization's benefit.

Customers that have switched to WolfePak have found successful conversion of data from all types of systems and previously used accounting software. This includes legacy systems that are no longer supported, and WolfePak can still help those with DOS-based data. In addition, after initial conversion and installation, WolfePak offers an on-site training option to ease customers' transition to the software.

New users can attend week-long training courses held monthly in Abilene, experienced users can attend quarterly supplemental courses, and all users can benefit from the annual WolfePak User's Conference offered annually in four different venues.

The technical support team at WolfePak is built with years of oil and gas, accounting and technical experience to ensure fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems.

And finally, WolfePak is dedicated to keeping with the times of your industry as well as ever-changing technology needs. Customers that attend the annual user's conference are even allowed to have a direct impact on enhancements of the software by voting for new features and by providing evaluations, which are read thoroughly by WolfePak administrators.